death by paper cut

{June 4, 2008}   pit stop

so many times this year i thought i wouldn’t be able to make it, but somehow i pulled through albeit feeling the worse for wear.

i now have a short breather to mend what’s fallen apart, sooth the bruises and try to gain a semblance of normalcy before the madness begins again.

and then it hits me this morning just as i was beginning to rouse that i only have 1.5 weeks to prepare for the rest of the year.

no, this kind of thinking is not sustainable because at the end of the year, i’d find that i’ve done everything and yet nothing.

at the end of 2007, i was able to recount the dozens and dozens of fiction books i’ve read, the 10 000 odd pictures i took (not an exaggeration), the number of house parties held beneath my loft, the hours clocked in the gym and spent pavement pounding in 15 degree celcius, the countless travel destinations i’ve visited so much so that i practically lived a travel and living programme.

i doubt that phase of life will ever been re-lived. even so, i have to be determined not to yield to the insane demands of  life back here and the best way to do so is to target set for goals outside of work so that i will consciously clock in hours outside of work and not let the tyranny of the urgent force non-work to take a back seat.

i will stem the flood.


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