death by paper cut

{June 22, 2008}   terminated

i have terminated my mobile broadband plan with m1

because you-suck-everywhere and i-deserve-better.

as featured on, someone had this to say about m1’s failure to deliver:

i suppose the idea is to save bandwidth on images that you don’t really need to see. therefore as end users, we are expected to figure out the content of the image by making guesses at the pixelated images and then mouse over if we think it interest us enough.

because everything is first pixelated by default, it makes me feel that i’m looking at porn all the time.

this is an example of how all my images appear with an m1 mobile broadband connection.

even then, connection is slow. so slow that i keep getting disconnected from msn. so slow that it takes 5 minutes to refresh a page.

good riddance m1!

d says:

Geez that’s bad. It’s worse than dialup!

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