death by paper cut

{July 7, 2008}   things i learnt the hard way

after you’ve hit rock bottom, there is no way but up.

survival must-dos (applicable only if you’re like me)

one) do not do anything today that you can put off till tomorrow

two) everyday, do something for yourself

three) no matter how much time you spend with work, work will not love you back

four) spend time with those who matter

five) don’t sweat it, stressed will harm your health

six) sweating it wouldn’t make work any easier, or less

seven) work never ends, the day does

eight) take note of what you have done, not what you have not

nine) yes, everyone else is also as stressed or more so

ten) the worse case scenario at work is hardly ever a matter of life and death

the above mantras are only theoretical until you’ve actually suffered the consequences of taking work too seriously, after you’ve smashed into the deep end of the abyss where even scrum can’t grow and after you’ve cried your nauseous guts by the crushing pressure of work that you can’t begin crawl.

you can’t begin to image.

i’ve been so stressed and distressed that i’ve done all the above many times over and didn’t end up the better for it, till the point where the geek mirrored my anguish and when my system gave way and succumbed to infections.

right now, i’m recovering from a very persistent and bad bout of itchy rashes. so bad that it warrants an injection of antihistamines and steroids to tackle the spread that spiraled out of control. it looks so bad it looks like i’ve contacted a std.

after some time of toiling for work, you would realise that you’ve achieved everything and absolutely nothing. what do i have to show for it? bad health, bad shape, bad mood. its of paramount importance to do something for yourself at the end of the day, that’s the only that that’s gonna stay with you.

it shall get better from now, not because work will get any less insane, but because i’m gonna care less.


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