death by paper cut

{July 27, 2008}   whirlwind

for the longest time, i’ve been struggling to attain work-life balance.

i’ve tried almost all possible ways and means and finally at the depths of hades i arrived at an epipany.

unlike mid-term goals like preparing for major exams, work isn’t something that you can see the end off;

i.e. there is no really getting on top of things in the same way you can present a paper during tutorial or neatly compartmentalize time according to an exam schedule and feel adequate about it.

the problem is, i’ve been working on student mode because that’s how it has been all my life;

‘O’ levels – 4 years

‘A’ levels – 2 years

NIE – 2 years

Bond at first job – 3 years

Uni – 2 years

Career -…

in other words i can’t operate on students mode where i can pia as a chao mugger semestrally and put then put it all behind me. (moe ensures that sch hols do not apply to teachers)

the tricky thing about teaching is that you are in fact working on a student timeline and yet need to find a way not to operate like them.

one way to negotiate this conumdrum is to work hard but play harder right now, not during the hols, not during long weekends because you wouldn’t last till then. for me, play aka personal time should also have a definitive dimension so that i know how i’ve played. my personal aim esp during weekdays is to maintain consistent training for the next run i’ve signed up for. i have exactly 3 months to do so.

weekend escapades are also great, like

the night festival


‘expedition h’


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