death by paper cut

{August 8, 2008}   the new addition

new born babies tend to have a yellowish tinge on the skin (jaundice). this hue is caused by the accumulation of bilirubin (waste) in the blood. in the womb, the baby doesn’t rely on his own liver to process waste since he depends on the mother to do so. now with the umbilical cord severed, the liver of babies tend to be overwhelmed, resulting in the bilirubin (waste) overflowing back into the baby’s system.

exposing the baby to sunlight or using the synthetic method of phototherapy breaks down the bilirubin into water-soluble isomers (isomerization) that can be passed out without getting stuck in the liver.

one of my sister’s friend’s nephew now suffers from permanent liver failure due to the failure of the doctor to detect and treat jaundice. the baby was given only 2 years to live but has outlived that expectancy, the child can never lead a normal life however. on the other end of the spectrum, it was reported a few years ago that a couple sunned their baby by hanging the basket that the baby was placed in, precariously on bamboo poles at the high rise hdb flat. rockabye baby baby.

and why should i bother about this? because that’s what we did for my new nephew, now just about a week old. no, not place him on bamboo poles.

he didn’t quite take to it.

click image to view other pics in the set.


paperpen says:

my god, placing the baby on a bamboo pole… scary. and yeah, the whole putting-the-baby-out-in-the-sun thing is an age-old method. my family did that for me & my bro and my cousins. =)

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