death by paper cut

{August 30, 2008}   10 ways to know you’re dating a geek

10. you can tell when he is text messaging and when he is twittering.

9. your dinner date conversations includes updating each other on interesting RSS subscriptions.

8. your coffee chat involves using software (skitch) to take pictures, annotate and upload/synced to/with flickr wirelessly and in real time.

7. you would use skype video even when in the same country if not for the slow connection.

6. he introduces new programmes (doodle) that gets you excited.

5. he blames your spates of forgetfulness on bad sectors.

4. he attends mac meet ups.

3. he recognises that the macbook and WALL-E’s start up sound is the same.

2. he rhymes your name with WALL-E.

1. he gives you a shirt that says _ ____ __ ____


0. He says, “Google is my friend.”

paperpen says:

hurhur i think i remember the tee!!!!!

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