death by paper cut

{September 23, 2008}   material girl

its not really because of work that i haven’t been updating. i have been busy, but at least the range of activities doesn’t all take place at work.

this girl has painted the town, her nails, her face and her all new mac, hues of red.

it all started with the bobbi brown workshop (cost fully redeemable) offered to UOB card holders. make up application has always been a trail and error evolution for me, so when i had the opportunity to learn hands on from the experts, i jumped at the chance and ended up spending investing 4 times the original cost of the workshop.

next came the necessity to get a pedicure done. i’ve always thought that pedi-manicure grooming wasn’t necessary for someone like me, until i one day i noticed that my heels were cracked and almost bleeding.  i really needed to intervene and get it pumiced before i start leaving bloody foot prints in my wake. i started to source for a pedicure service from the credit card promotion page and found nailxpert. i was thoroughly impressed and satisfied by their prompt and attentive service. of course the nail polish wasn’t essential for that but hey these things comes in packages right?

and finally the big reveal – my new laptop, immaculately dressed protected in a red damask fabrix case, tucked in a considerable embarrassment crumpler bag and clad by a red dance macvatar skin.

the skins from are worth waiting for the shipment because of the apple logo cut out that does not obscure the illumination.

note to self: refrain from big ticket purchases for a long time to come.


That MacVatar skin looks great on your MacBook. Good choice on the Fabrix laptop sleeve. Colin (the designer and owner) makes quality stuffs for laptops and iPod/iPhone sleeves.

Kim says:

ooooh, nice. Me wants a macbk too.

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