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{October 11, 2008}   The Singapore GP Season

never would i have thought that i would be watching the singapore gp nor taking flights on the flyer.

access to such events and places were made possible beacuse of the lobangs that the geek and the the flyer afforded me respectively.

firstly, the geek bought two sets of three day passes, letting a different person tag along on each of the three days (i went for saturday’s qualifying) and secondly, the flyer granted free unlimited flights for teachers in the month of sept (on which i went twice).

i am not an F1 fanatic, however i have been to two F1 races, once in melbourne in 2006 besides the recent singapore gp just to check it out especially since both places are easily accessible with public transport.

at the race track itself, F1 is fun. i’ve always thought that its just about cars going round and round. i’ve previously blogged about melbourne F1 so I will not ramble about the festive day time atmosphere there again. even to the uninitiated, the singapore gp proved the racing can be unpredictable, dramatic and eventful. the aim is to go round and round in the fastest timing, however coupled with some interest in cars, driving and racing, or (in my case) some interest in particular drivers, the lead up to the final race will be all the more gripping.

unlike the time when i was in melbourne, i did not purchase or wear any official F1 merchandise. however due to my rooting for mclaren in the singapore gp, i got myself a team shirt and (thanks to the geek) wore a mclaren cap during the qualifier.

wearing team apparel outwardly identifies you with the team you support and instantly draws the battle lines between your team and the “enemy.” suddenly, you see the next person who also wears team apparel taking on an added dimension – a fellow kindred supporter or a minion of your nemesis. its magical. its exhilarating. its an imagined community. that is why i’ve never been keen on donning team apparel (be it racing or football) if i am unable to justify my affinity to the entity.

also, hosting the F1 does place singapore in the a wider international community and puts singapore on the map. with a seated pass, it also places me on a map so that i can say, “that’s where i was.”

the geek does a supremely better job in highlighting the follow up and follow though of the singapore gp, so i leave the more detailed commentary to his post.

And finally, without the flood lights meandering the F1 track, the view from the singapore flyer by night might not have been as interesting.

More pictures from the singapore F1 – qualifier.

More pictures from the Singapore Flyer.


=) I never expected you to get so into it.

It was fun!

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