death by paper cut

{October 27, 2008}   GE Run 2008

i didn’t intend to be missing in action for such a long stretch. however, the madness at work coupled with the lack of time to sit down and think prevented me from cystalising some insights.

i realised that blogging isn’t all the easy with the hustle and bustle of activities and appointments. it takes mental discipline to take time off to decide to reflect upon the day’s events and articulate your personal take aways. the doing is easier than trying to make meaning out of it.

its an interesting time of year. with school being officially closed for secondary students, teachers have more time to invigilate the dreaded cambridge examinations, prepare presentations, attend meetings and then spend the remaining time for ourselves.

that being said, i’ve found the time to somewhat train for and participate in yesterday’s great eastern run 2008.

it was my worse timing for 10km for a long time. I half expected to perform so considering how much more conditioned i was for my previous runs. i did however, have fun at the run.

I ran trailed behind dt after the 2nd km and walked for 2 stretches. i met fl at my 6km mark (her 7km mark) in the opposite direction and again at my 9.6km mark. to give me support, fl ran with me at my finishing stretch. her support gave me a reason to sprint past the finish line. i must have conserved quite a lot since i found myself almost flying off the track with the end in sight.

that unexpected burst of energy was also probably the reason why i felt weak after a short rest. i felt faint when i tried to get up and had to succumb to the pull of gravity while dt went to get for me a banana to recharge.

just as well since i managed to catch the geek’s parents while chomping on my banana. each banana by the way had an addidas sticker advertorial- impossible is nothing.

i love the concept of an all women run. the event is substantially less crowded, it somehow feels cleaner, there is a more encouraging vibe and retrival from baggage deposit is hassle free and fast. i think after this year, i’ll just participate in the annual shape and GE runs to clock my 2 runs per year target, and give the stand chart run a miss since i do not intend to run beyond 10km at a stretch anyway.


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