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{November 23, 2008}   My Inner Ewok

I live in the west, so some people would think it crazy that i sojoured to bedok reservoir park for a 7.30am jog. i wouldn’t have done it if i wasn’t provided transport and great company while waiting for the highlight of the day.

the 4.3km lap around bedok reservoir was just the right distance for me to begin the beauteous morning. i left winded by the 2nd km but got my 2nd wind in the remaining half of the lap. at 7.30am in the morning, the heat and glare wasn’t out in full force yet, in fact a mist could be discerned just hovering over the still surface of the water.

i would really like to still be able to live near a reserviour or a park connector when i get my own place in the future.

the highlight of the day was the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reserviour Park. The set up is brilliant! firstly, there is no need for any belaying and secondly, the tree top course is linked seamlessly from one platform to another in a series of four sections. each section consists of about 5 or 6 challenges and ends with a zip line aka flying fox.

the challenges are easy to navigate and unless you are an idiot toying with death you will be able to easily secure yourself with the independent safety devices. the minimum supervision also means that you’ll be able to complete the course at your own unhurried pace.

the course was easier than i expected. although they allow anyone above the height of 1.4m to take on the grand course (persons under 18 with adult supervision), the challenge is more suitable for grown ups with more strength and height.

while swinging in the trees, the geek called me an ewok, i think more because of how vertically challenged they are than how comfortable they are in the trees.

anyway, to extend on that label, the forest adventure does actually look like the ewok tree top village – found on wookieepedia.

pictures here


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