death by paper cut

{November 26, 2008}   the travel bug bites

just when i blogged about nye as a kind of closure to 2008, i’ve already conjured plans for 2009 – travel plans and career changes.

travel plans that involves this part of the world:

so this is the grand plan: if i got a job at _ _ _ _, i quit early and travel in late october, if I don’t get a place at _ _ _ _, i remain in my current job and travel in mid november, both designated time frames should be 3ish weeks.

the destinations covered is slated to be new york because cw got a job there for 2009, and san francisco & san diego because my sister and her family will be based there for 2009.

if i don’t visit these places in 2009, i might not get the chance at free accommodation again.

note to self – start saving!


paperpen says:

you’re quick! heh. and i can’t register my head around the fact that we’ll be meeting up north. ooohhhhhhh. ^^

d says:

oh man your sis is moving up to SF/SD???

steelwool says:

Only for the 2nd half of 2009, therefore i have a small window of opportunity to visit before they return.

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