death by paper cut

{December 17, 2008}   Taking your own advice

its different listening to what you know is good for you and then telling that same common sense to someone else.

i’ve always been someone who felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, mostly work weight – a burden that isn’t important in this transient life.

i had a good catch up with the very pregnant sc this morning who is due in 10 days, and we talked about life, the life that she is about to give, family, friends and work.

at times, work bring us the least joy and yet consumes the most energy. “work will never end”, i told her when she was fretting on the pre-maternity-leave-chaos at work, and then it clicked for me like a magical release from the psychological fetters that have bound me for far too long.

recounting the harrowing traumas that work brought about, i shuddered that the thought of putting myself through all that again. when i counted the unnecessary cares that weighed on me, the chains came undone.

never again.

and then an inexplicable peace took over.


paperpen says:

so what did you decide to do about the pressure of work in the coming year? =)

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