death by paper cut

{December 24, 2008}   Babies at Bars

noelle says, “fix me my poison”

if not for a solemnisation party at Klee yesterday, we would have – family in tow – barged into the funky town of wessex square village which would have otherwise been not a family friendly place.

Klee is a quaint and cozy place for a drink, dinner can be had at the other colonial buildings nearby. i had a drink, it was a m.a.t.e.r.i.t.i.n.i mocktail – a harmless concoction of juices.

Entrance to Klee At the bar at Klee, drinking MATERNITINI

because it was a private function we attended, we could defy all bar etiquette and plomp baby bottoms on the bar counter and let the kids run amock.

we didn’t stay long. we moved on to our the family’s christmas event of the year at PS Cafe at Dempsey. the christmas feel of the place was cranked up and the food was better than i expected, and the cakes were humongous! i think its worth checking out again for dinner.


boey says:

Surely she’s saying, O HAI ONE MOREZ PLZ…?

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