death by paper cut

{February 26, 2009}   living dangerously

i tell the geek that having dinner out or watching a movie on a weekday evening is living dangerously for me. quite sad case.

to sustain through the next working day, i usually need my 8 hours of sleep. the thing is, work begins really early, so i have to sleep really early too.

this week, i seem to be on a roll, coz i went out two nights in a row.

last night, sm (girlfriend i serendipitously bumped into in school when she was conducting a course for my students) brought me to for pre-dinner cocktails at loof and then dinner at the supper club, both at odeon towers.

i had “the loof life” going for 1-for-1. the only reason why i could stomach the cocktail was probably because there was not a trace of alcohol in it. it tasted more like wheat grass. the alcohol kicked in only after i chugged it.

it was only after checking out their website that i realized that the 1-for-1 was a wet weather programme.

Loof - Odean Towers

dinner at supper club was foc because sm’s contact put us on “the list”. dinner usually priced at $65.

dinner consist of an exquisite 4 course set that is served at about 20 minute intervals from 8.30pm. it a standard set meal that everyone is served at the same time. for a minute there i felt that i was being served airline food.

we sat and lounged and ate around a small metal table placed at intervals along the continuous bed.

The Supper Club Interior Supper Club Sitting Area

the quality of the food was really good though. i can only describe it as boutique, because its quite hard to put my finger on it. the first dish was salad, the second was soup and the main course was duck with sweet potato (i think).

soup however, was served in a champagne glass. it is clear at the bottom and murky at the top, you have to swirl it to mix it. the soup was somewhere between herbal and laksa-ish and had a spicy after taste.

the supper club was an interesting experience which i wouldn’t put myself through again if i had to pay for it or if i was really hungry. the loof however, would be nice checking out especially if it rains.


d says:

i love the finger-lickin’ martini tuesdays man.

paperpen says:

sounds like you had yourself a sweet deal after a hard day’s work dear. =) i miss eating out with you.

steelwool says:

I miss eating out with out too! =)

Mike says:

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The Pseudo Epicurean says:

Hey this Mike guy has been spamming. He’s spammed me too!

ser says:

im going for the foc meal toooo! šŸ™‚

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