death by paper cut

{March 18, 2009}   finally, some time

the most important update from my previous post is that the sty from my right eye is gradually shrinking. it does not even hurt anymore.

the next important update is that the march hols have come and is slipping through my fingers like sand. at least i have a few days breather before the madness starts again.

a related update is that i’ll be whisked away on a (as chiche as it sounds) romantic getaway for an extended weekend. the past few weeks was really crazy, i hardly even had time to talk to the geek on the phone in the evenings. this trip will be a well deserved one.

we live for the holidays, the toil in between term breaks takes 110% of our time, energy, sweat and blood. so, dt and i have booked our flight and accomodation in bali for june. brillant! we are so pleased with ourselves.

i spent a good part of the day spring cleaning my room. that involves changing the sheet, wiping the mirror, washing the floor, disinfecting the surfaces and recateogorising my numerous compartmentalised storage spaces.

it was therapeutic and worth it.


the neat freak in me sent my heart racing at the sight of this online – a good idea if i live in a dust free environment.

other than that, i spent the other good part of the day watching the rain clouds pour. apparently, the street down the road has been the worst hit area by the storm on sunday, 5 trees were uprooted not too far from here.

Torrential Storm

Torrential Storm

Torrential Storm

morbid alert:

such overcast skies also makes for good somber visits to the kranji war


Kranji War Memorial

Kranji War Memorial

i’m quite pleased with myself that i managed to see this field trip through, with wreath laying ceremony plus a bulger to boot.


[…] when i bought 5 CDs, i ended up repacking all my shelves to accomodate those CDs, resulting in an overhaul of my inventory in my room. today, with the inclusion of some groceries, i decided to do something for a long time […]

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