death by paper cut

{March 23, 2009}   on a roll

its way past my bedtime, but since i’m on a roll, i’ll make a post to wrap up the day.

i was scheduled to take the podium this morning for the weekly newspaper discussion today. this means that i need to wake up earlier to get a copy of st from the coffee shop downstairs, pour over it and think about what is worthwhile singling out for sharing; content, context, grammar, etc.

so for the first time in a very long time, i was seated at the coffee shop by 6am to begin reading the papers with kaya toast and ice milo. besides the early early start, the proper breakfast was a nice way to begin.

things went well at work today, i.e, hectic and busy but got things done. many a times even in the most hectic days, its can still be unproductive.

on the way back from work today i dropped by a supermarket to get myself a lifestyle revamp. i decided to do what i did in melbourne: stock up the fridge with wholesome salad goodness for healthier living. even if i buy back dinner from healthier food vendors, its hard to escape the high carb staples.

so this is what i got for myself this week.

Healthy Start

2 weeks ago when i bought 5 CDs, i ended up repacking all my shelves to accomodate those CDs, resulting in an overhaul of my inventory in my room. today, with the inclusion of some groceries, i decided to do something for a long time – clean up the fridge. so in between washing batches of backlog laundry, i trashed lots of expired candy (mostly my nieces’) and expired sauces, took out all the compartments and washed them down with dish washing iquid and re-categorised all the remaining items in the fridge.

now my groceries have a nice place to be stored in.

no, i still do not think that i’m ocd; i just like organising and cleaning because it metaphorically puts order into chaos.


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