death by paper cut

{March 31, 2009}   transition

ever since returning from melbourne, i’ve never spent a night in my bedroom of 22 years except for the days recuperating from lasik. i’ve been putting up at my sister’s place for the past 1.5 years, but it seems like a change will happen yet again – i will have to move back to my parent’s place to accomodate cretain considerations. (ask me for details)

it will be the same space, but it wouldn’t be the same place.

for one, its full of kids stuff everywhere (i.e my stuff had been displaced) and more importantly, i’ll view it as temporary accomodation – a stop gap measure before i (accordinly to current projections) start a new phrase of life with a new place of my own in a couple of years.

it happens that about the same time of my permanent departure from my home of two decades, this home will be torn down and everyone will be relocated to a spanking in block further in the estate. yes you got it right, enbloc.

even when i do not project myself to be involved in the move, its an exciting change nonetheless. for logistic purposes, it also better to just deal with one move than to move all my stuff to my parent’s new place and then again to my own place shortly after.

over the weekend, the family decision was made about the block and apartment selection of the new place. i really do not have any sentimental attachment to the physical structure of my home of eons, its literally falling apart anyway.

also the artist impression of what the new place will look like looks darn good.

Teban Vista Artist Impression 3

Teban Vista Artist Impression


Ee says:

So, were you parents staying in HDBs? Cos that is something that is widely rumoured in my area in Yishun as well. 😛

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