death by paper cut

{April 28, 2009}   sizzling staycation

the retail industry is quick to bank on (no pun intended) any situation and to push sales. first there was recessionista – smart buys in the economic down turn – and then staycation – have a holiday right at home under the price of a plane ticket. just last weekend robinsons had a staycation grand lucky draw to draw in the crowds.

i didn’t have to resort to crass commercialism to make my own staycation happen.

the geek took me out on a bike ride along parts of the changi beach park connector leading up to east coast part. it was quite an experience riding along side planes taking off when we were riding parallel to the run way. the connector between changi beach and east coast park was also very seamless, unlike the ulu pandan park connector i usually jog at.

my rented bike and his foldie

East Coast Park Pit Stop

it was my first time at changi beach and a long time since i last visited that end of east coast park. the tarmac routes have broadened and become smoother. the new thing i saw at our u-turn was the cable ski park next to the east coast hawker centre.

Ski 360 Cable Ski, East Coast Park

it was my first encounter with a cable ski park. i googled to find out more. initially i thought it was meant only for wake boarding, but apparently it can be used for a wide array of water sports.

the very very hot day was later wrapped up with a rather hot bbq at a friend’s place.

Sizzling BBQ

i’m loving my coat of tan from the bike ride. i hope it lasts.


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