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{May 1, 2009}   Lock in your votes

last week, the family trooped down to hdb hub to make a flat selection for our new place when the current block get torn down – yes, enbloc has reached us.

Waiting in Line (1)

you get a queue number not just at the counter, but the same number is sent weeks in advanced in the mail.

so what you do is watch the flats get selected by people earlier in the queue and hope that the one you want is still available by the time it is your turn.

to give you a better spatial idea of the new estate, a model is made for residents to scrutinize and to consider you know, the morning sun, evening sun, the view you will get, obstructed by the block in front or not, near the lift landing or not, near the bus stop or not.

Teban Vista Model (3)

Teban Vista Model (10)

this layout seems to be the trend now: multi-story car park built between blocks, top floor for carpark is converted into a roof top garden / recreational area and accessible directly from the lift landing. therefore there will be fewer ground floor units too. and yes, most high rise are now 40 storeys high.

with the remaining units up for grabs, we managed to get the apartment we have mentally ear marked.

my mom was counting down to our turn and was overjoyed we got it, she was more pleased by the fact that all – 4 of us  – turned up in full force to support this move.

its been more than 20 years that i’ve lived there, but i have no sentimental reserves about moving. the truth is, my youthful world view pans from my bedroom, to dover/holland road, and then to town. i don’t spend time in between or around these areas so i do not register them in my mind’s eye as anything to miss.


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