death by paper cut

{May 9, 2009}   flashpacker

according to macquire, i’m a flashpacker because i’m “a backpacker who travels in relative luxury”. i’m not usually on a shoe string.

Taking Off

i use a backpack instead of suit cases on rollers. i don’t have to stay in high end luxury hotels, in fact youth hostels are the first accommodation i would google. however, i still prioritize location, safety and cleanliness over cost. i will still need at least warm water to shower with and i need wash and blow dry my hair everyday.

i rather eat out then save a few pennies by making my own meal in the youth hostel kitchen. i might visit touristy places if they are worth it but i’ll never join a packaged tour group, maybe just an eco-day tour to national parks.

i love trekking and moving on foot. once i woke up at 4am to begin a 2 hour hike up a look out point in total darkness to catch the break of dawn on top of mt oberon, at wilson’s prom, victoria, australia.

i also enjoy chilling at a cafe, or by the beach, or reading a second hand book between making plans.

MacDonnell Ranges Tourist Park (36)


paperpen says:

i recognise the pair of shoes on the left. =) much as central oz was chockful of drama, i really miss it. and we never got around to travelling to cairns. =(

steelwool says:

that’s all right. there can always be more trips in the future. I still might see you in NY!

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