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{June 9, 2009}   Party in the Park

Picnic at the Park

about 2 weeks ago, we celebrated my niece’s 4th birthday at botanic gardens because she requested to have it at a park to run around with her friends. i’m glad she turned out to be the rough & tough cookie rather than a princess.

we also have a bunch of friends with young kids of my niece’s age who are park-friendly and not adverse to the outdoors. lunch was pot-luck so preparing for it wasn’t too taxing. all we needed now was favorable weather and a good place to set up the picnic area.

packing was itself a trip. we rented a mpv and filled it to the brim.

it happens that the jacob ballas children’s garden had a 1 hour children’s educational tour with a birthday theme. it also comes with an activity book and pre & post tour classroom instruction.

Sarah the Dinosaur's Birthday Party Classroom Activity

Sarah the Dinosaur's Birthday Party Classroom Activity

it was very fortunate that we managed to find ourselves an unoccupied pavilion near a large pond and ample space to run around. once the kids can run about, they can entertain themselves while the adults continue eating. we also brought bread to feed the swans.

Picnic at the Park

and of course there was the birthday (cup) cakes and goodie bags for all the kids.

Picnic at the Park

Picnic at the Park

the kids had a great time and my mom rejuvenated her love for picnics at parks – she wants to go again. i believe these tots want to tumble again too.

Jacob Ballas Tour

Jacob Ballas Tour


[…] is the same area that we held the niece’s 4th birthday party. the nephew was only 1, so he couldn’t do very much then, but he sure made up for lost time […]

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