death by paper cut

{June 13, 2009}   the big move aka just passing through

tonight is my first night as a resident at my parents’ place since 3.5 years ago – 2 years in melbourne & 1.5 years at my sister’s place.

what mitigated the move out of my sister’s place is to (in theory) take care of the motley crew of aging dad+aged grandma+domestic helper while my mom and sis and kids live out their posting in the states for a year. I will be here for the long haul till i get my own apartment. (the sooner the better esp in such circumstances)

the move is massive, both physically and emotionally. i spent a good part of the week moving big bags after bags of stuff, sorting them, organising them and then integrating them into the infrastructure of the room.

it happens that the existing infrastructure of my room involves a lively and curious 4 year old that craves for attention. i told her to do something that i know will be difficult for her, “you cannot touch my things, and a lot of things in this room are my things.”

the intangible and more important thing she claims from my room and me is the  accommodation to her sleeping patterns i.e. lights off by 9.30pm and i have to set the tone for that too i.e. pretend to set the example to sleep and then leave the room after she falls in deep slumber.

i also have to make spatial adjustments and, for my own good, stop bitching about how much further my parents’ place is from town and get use to factoring in more time for making my way to town and back.

the pros: having all my things in one place; use of wireless broadband.

do the pros outweigh the cons: no, but i guess i have to adapt accordingly.

in the meantime, i tell myself that i’m just passing through and holding up for a place where i can call all the shots.

for now.

the wait.


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