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{July 6, 2009}   St John Island Intertidal Walk

last week i participated in an educational guided walk along the coast of st john island with singapore’s biodiversity with the focus. the walk was organised by raffles museum of biodiversity research.

St John's Island Intertidal Walk-25

the impression that most people will get from the above picture is that we were threading on barren waste land.

it is however, teeming with life – you just need to keep your eyes peeled for…

the fiddler crab

siyang quotes a study that proved that their long eye stalk are organs that give them the signal to stop feeding to prevent over eating, which was what the crabs did with they eyes removed.
Fiddler Crab Zoomed In

the sea star
St John's Island Intertidal Walk-20

the drills

look at the trails made.
St John's Island Intertidal Walk-40

and many others that i’ve forgotten to name. avid nature buffs that update on uforest and wild singapore can provide more details.


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