death by paper cut

{July 20, 2009}   work-life renaissance

work is personal fullstop. no matter how you might try and compartmentalise work or rationalise work, it gets to the core of you and will in someway or other shape and define you.

its never “just” work. its personal and it had better be worth it.

i’ve never really spelled it out here that i was going through a change of job.

the job description is the same, the difference is that i’m much happier now because 1) this new place is not pretending to be an intelligent work force, it really is. 2) its mission and vision is not propaganda and it in fact goes against the grain of popular opinion. 3) the management operates on the basis of trust and good faith and people actually respond positively to expectations. 4) they care about you as an individual and your growth in the long run.

i.e. this place is a miracle.

every day i challenge myself to be a better version of myself. these days i feel that i want to read more, think more, process more so that i can be more equipped and worthy of the role i play in organisation.

i did take on that approach under my previous employer, the problem is, they exploited you till there was really nothing else that you could give. add that to the contradictory messaging and what you get is disillusioned depressed people told to make bricks out of straw.

i hope those dark ages are left behind for good. i’ll never want to subject myself to such truma again.


ser says:

am reallllyyy happy for you! 🙂

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