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{July 22, 2009}   a weekend of firsts

i had awesome geek time over the weekend. on saturday we went to a day trip to the base of gunung ledang (formerly and commonly known at mt ophir) and on sunday we make botak jones burgers with botak jones  – the man himself – at the national museum of singapore!

a highlight of the day trip promoted to be the durian buffet lunch at gunung ledang resort. being the tail end of the durian season, the range was rather mediocre but since i’m no durian connoisseur myself it didn’t bother me too much.

Durian Buffet

what i enjoyed more was the short hike up the start of the infamous mt ophir climb.

Primary Forest Trees

Entrance to trek of Gunung Ledang

beyond those gates lay the trek to the summit. entry requires park fees and an accompanying ranger. in any case, i don’t think i’ll ever attempt anything like that. 5h treks in the day i can do, but not an overland hike with all the barang.

what i did do however, is prop myself against the running water of puteri falls.

Puteri Falls, Gudung Ledang

no i’m not in that picture, so there is no need to scrutinize the tiny faces.

on sunday, i attended a very enjoyable burger building workshop with bernie utchenik at the national museum of singapore. this workshop is part of a series of the life & living – food & culture programme.

each participant was given 200g of beef patty and an assortment of condiments to mix into the patty. i chose garlic, onion and bread crumbs.

200g of Beef

i learnt that egg and bread crumbs could be used as the binding agent to hold the meat together. also, the fiber of the meat retains its cellular integrity that will hold the patty in its shape when left to sit. no one told me this in home economics.

once our patties were nicely pat into shape. the in situ bbq began with bernie grilling the patties for us, topped with bacon and cheese.

Chef at Work

yum! my very own botak jones burger.

My Burger


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