death by paper cut

{August 2, 2009}   stationary geek

i have a love affair with pretty stationary. and that’s no secret. i can operate a minimart for stationary from my bedroom.

when i was younger, i would linger around the aisles of the stationary section of the departmental store instead of the toy section while mom shopped around. i was gratified by gazing at the neatly and tightly packed office and art supplies. sometimes i even “helped” to put into order items that were out of alignment.

organised art materials is an art in itself.

no surprises that now my favorite haunts are art friend, prints and the like.

when i left my previous workplace. my dearest girls, in clusters and as individuals, bestowed upon me gifts to bid me farewell. they also say that its to equip me with an arsenal of supplies to foray into uncharted, pre-decorated territory.

Pretty Stationary


paperpen says:

yay to moleskin!!! heheheh.

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