death by paper cut

{August 30, 2009}   best served chilled

i’m now thoroughly enjoying my special long weekend. i’ve never really had a real weekend break i.e. not bringing work back home, till i jumped (the sinking) ship.

while reviewing my backlog photo upload, i realised that i’ve truly been chilling quite indulgently. had drinks at L’Estaminet (Greenwood Avenue), ice cream at Udders (United Square), tea at Indochine (Empress Place) and dinner at Olio Dome (Bishan CC).

my favourite has got to be Greenwood Avenue, it has the best kept secret row of cafes and restaurants tucked behind the housing estate of Hillcrest Park along Bukit Timah.

the crew from the new ship and i were at both cafe iguana and L’Estaminet to take advantage of happy hour. the party pooping me of course had to have a mug of lemon ginger mint tea and home brewed ice lemon tea respectively.

Cafes in Singapore

but as i always assert, its the company that matters. and this company, matters.


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