death by paper cut

{August 30, 2009}   Teacher’s Happy Day

i don’t want to wax lyrical about the noble job of the teacher or the long lasting impact a teacher’s influence on the student can be because that’s all been done before.

what is less talked or realised is that teacher’s positivity and inspiration will either perish or thrive under tyranny or benevolence. a teacher fronts the battle field and we’re attacked on all sides. if we don’t have a supporting and understanding superior then sapped of hope, we wilt in no time. and the stark reality is, in result orientated singapore, we don’t stop and count the causalities.

when the press releases statistics or percentages or ranks, i see the body count that no one else does. i take a minute to mourn and be grateful for my healing wounds.

i am so glad that the management of my new workplace is interested in nurturing the individual teacher for his or her sake and not extrinsically for the potential that the teacher can for the school, the cluster, or the policy makers or the next AFI. we get affirmed and trusted to manage our own resources trusting that no one will be found in breach of this trust. paradigm shift.

this is the first time since returning from melbourne that i’m celebrating teacher’s day because the previous ship wreck didn’t.

so to all the co-laborers and warriors standing guard, happy teacher’s day. on my watch, you will not fall if i can help it.

My Teachers' Day Gifts

Home baked Cookies gift wrapped in poker cards


ser says:

i cant understand the full impact but i am still v happy for you 🙂

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