death by paper cut

{September 5, 2009}   reading for catharsis

in a bid to read the novel before the movie adaptation, i completed reading my sister’s keeper by jodi picoult within a week. its rather readable, easy to follow and i particularly like how the story is told from multiple points of views of the various characters, each struggle to respond to the crisis before them and their own demons.

books will always occupy a place in my heart and mind where movies are a poor substitute. i find myself having had journey more with characters in a book than in a movie, possibly because of a motion film’s technical constrains such as script writing, cost, marketability and attention span of the movie goer, etc. as a result, characters in book have the advantage to develop more thoroughly and endear themselves to the reader closer than a movie can since reading can take place anytime, anywhere and over a longer period of time.

even after i’ve finished reading the book, the characters continue to live inside my head as i speculate how they would deal with the next phrase of their lives after the closure of the said crisis. every now and then, i check back with the para-social relationships i’ve cultivated and find out how they are – with is a constant state of unadulterated clarity and happiness. they’ve achieved closure, arrived the wiser and accomplished some enlightenment, so maybe so can i.

i think revelation from literature occurs only when what the book offers is engaged with what we bring into it. the result is catharsis.

the fitzgerald family taught me how to love and let go of loved ones. good people in our lives are a gift, sometimes they enter in passing, sometimes they stay longer, but eventually everyone dies. i’ve come to treasure extremely dearly certain relationships in my life, so much so that i fear the resulting end of it when death comes a knocking and takes one of us away. i’ve planned for hypothetical succession so that legacy of love once found can continue. but that too isn’t a bulwark against what will claim us all. so this is what i can finally say: no matter what the circumstances turn out to be of mortal separation, i’ll say proudly – it was an honor to have met you, the privilege to suffer loss is mine to bear and i wouldn’t have it any other way.


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