death by paper cut

{September 9, 2009}   on the run again

i never really had the opportunity to rev back into my running momentum since i returned from melbourne. running momentum here means train and take part in at least two 10km marathons a year.

today i met that quota after signing up for the nike human race 10km. the other run is the GE 10km a week later.

i’ve sworn off the run of the year in singapore – standard charted marathon because queuing for the run pack every year at the expo is crazy insane. and since i don’t run more than 10km at a stretch, its no point pitting myself against the 21km or full marathon runners for space and logistical considerations.

incidentally, i picked up a book from a national library based on the interesting title: i run, therefore i am nuts by bob schwartz.

he is a veteran runner who takes a light hearted jab at the idiosyncratic behavior of runners, especially those living in urban environments.

I Run, Therefore I am Nuts by Bob Schwartz

“runners are no different from others when it comes to the two-prong philosophy of consumption. if something is free, it’ll be snatched up irrespective of need. if it’s free and edible, it’ll be devoured without concern for content or taste.

for runners, the free is wonderful mentality is best illustrated by an increasing popular event of race weekends. it’s a combination auto show, star trek convention, and culinary extravaganza for runners. it’s the exhilarating, spine-tingling, eye-popping running expo!

there are a few thing that excite me more than those words. i don’t pick races on the basis of flat courses, crowd participation, or course beauty. for me, it’s the expo. better known as racing-brochure paradize, free-energy-gel nirvana, and locker-room-bag-heaven. Ah, the bliss of being surrounded by endless choices of moisture-wicking clothing.”


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