death by paper cut

{September 21, 2009}   Picturesque

when i was in melbourne, i took days off just walking around the city and parks and borders of national parks just to walk and take photos. i took that habit back to singapore with me and took in my hot humid strides, the hot humid weather. fortunately for me, i have the geek and visiting friends like cw who do not mind striking it out in the sun and off the beaten track.

last week, cw and i had our fixed of lanes and alleys at little india and chinatown. unfortunately i didn’t have my camera with me that day. we began with lunch at  gurkha palace restaurant, criss crossed all the intersecting streets at little india, got our henna done, took the mrt to chinatown, walked down pagoda street, crossed over to club street to check out books actually and polymath and crust, and finally sauntered to keong saik street for a pit stop at 25 degree celsius.

together with xh 2 days later, we had breakfast at ghim moh market, began our art gallery crawl at dempsey, continued to mica, robertson quay, old school, wessex square village.

and then the next day, we trekked along the southern ridges from clementi woods to harborfront with the geek and company. what a trooper!

kent ridge park – board walk
Southern Ridges - Kent Ridge 4

southern ridges – forest walk
Southern Ridges - Forest Walk 11

colbar – wessex
Wessex Square Village - Open Studio 6

laurent bernard – wessex
Wessex Estate - Laurent Bernard 3

klee – wessex
Wessex Estate - Klee

old school
Old School 2

jones the grocer
Jones the Grocer - Mamiya 3

turkish ice cream at clarke quay
Clarke Quay - Turkish Ice Cream 9

clarke quay shop houses
Clarke Quay - 5 Foot Way

ghim moh market
Ghim Moh Market Old Men


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