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{September 27, 2009}   closest speed junkies

i’ve had a blast over this F1 season. i found myself reading up more about the sport (read: lewis hamilton), following the latest updates and this time round i could even explain to af how the qualifier works. having had the opportunity to meet the drivers in person also made the sport more personal and engaging. and of course, who doesn’t love some controversy to spice up the sport. to the uninitiated that would be nelson’s piquet jr fessing up to his deliberate crash that enabled fernando alsono’s win in last year’s singapore grand prix.

that being said, it was the awesome company last night with the geek and af that made the event for me. i also loved the great photo opportunities.

this is a picture i took of an F1 car in action.
Singapore GP Qualifier Turn One Grandstand 4
this is a picture that the geek took of an F1 car in action.

Lewis Hamilton at Practice Session 2

i absolutely love his photographic skills and technical expertise to capture these shots.

this year i managed to enjoy a different spectator view of the race. we were situated at the marina bay grandstand last year. this year we upgraded ourselves to the turn one grandstand. af had the pass to the pit grandstand to we  rotated among the three of us to gawk at the privileged people at the paddock club across the pit grandstand.

Singapore GP Qualifier Pit Grandstand 8 Pit Lane 2

also, we had access to the F1 village (food & beverage and entertainment area) with our passes. the place was set up with a performance venue and restaurants erected in structures to resemble double story shop houses ala chinatown and kampong glam.

Singapore GP Village 10 Singapore GP Village 11

it so happens that the back street boys were performing on stage when we were browsing the F1 village. i didn’t think that they would have such a big following. i was never a fan of boy bands when they were in their hey day, but now i think they definitely are more like back street middle-age-crisis-men in denial of their age.

Singapore GP Village - Back Street Boys Performance 5 Singapore GP Village - Back Street Boys Performance 6

incidentally, at the other side of the world, my sister and niece also had high octane fun at the coronado speed festival this same weekend.

i think we were still on an octane high when we chatted online like closest speed junkies because this was what ensued:

vk: we went to the coronada speed festival. i’m loading pics now.

me: i’m loading pictures of fast cars too. but my fast car is faster than your fast car!

vk: mine are old fast cars. the owners are the drivers. yours pay people to drive.

me: that means my drivers are professionals and your drivers are amateurs.

vk: my drivers are professional owners… but old already.


RacerX says:

Most Vintage race car drivers are Semi-Pro and Some have raced Pro…
I know Becaue I am vintage racer that raced pro in the 90s
Yes we are older, but we can still drive..
Racing a vintage race car is harder then anything in the world because you have this Historical race car you want to enjoy but not wreck…because of it value…
I hope people keep watching these vintage races…because it is the history of where the race cars are today.


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