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{October 5, 2009}   Joy Ride

a few weeks ago, the geek took part in an online porsche contest and won the first prize – free weekend rental of a porsche. choice of model of porsche was subject to availability during the weekend that he wants to redeem the prize.

a week before the singapore gp, we trooped down to bugis junction to receive the prize. no this porsche is not the prize, its just eye candy for passersby to generate publicity.

Porsche for a Weekend-011

the geek redeemed his prize 2 days ago. so this was what greeted me bright and early saturday morning.

Porsche Cayenne 1

Porsche Cayenne 2

considering that its just the two of us, this is a huge ass car. so off we went to gallivant. we began with our appointment with eli solomon at singapore rare books, then had prata for breakfast at the near by casuarina curry. head east to the harvey normal warehouse sale at expo, following by a stop at bedok food centre for cheng tng and finally checked out bollywood veggies at the north west of singapore before heading back to bishan.

it was a good pace considering that we kept within the legal speed limits and was very cautiously negotiating long and heavy vehicles and road works that seemed to have sprouted everywhere we went.

its fun having access to a car, but being responsible for one is not my kind of thing.

Porsche Saturday

more pics here.

ser says:

i was secretly wishing it was a porsche convertible! 2 seater! sexayyy!

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