death by paper cut

{October 19, 2009}   GOT ‘EM!

woot! after waiting in the blazing hot sun for an hour, dee and i got ourselves a pair of the tickets each to attend the talk by Neil Gaiman, “Graphic Novels and Fantasy” scheduled for 1 nov. guess what i will be doing before that talk? completing my 10km GE run in the same vicinity. i will have sufficient time to head home for a change before meeting the man himself.

considering that there were other ardent fans who began waiting in line 6 hours before tickets were issued, having waited for an hour and still managing to bag the tickets wasn’t that much of an effort. its also fun with you have someone else to while the time away with. many people in the queue were there on their own.

the line snakes
Queuing for Tickets 7</p> <p>around the arts house<br /> <a href=Queuing for Tickets 5

and continues outside the gate
Queuing for Tickets 8

its 3pm and the line moves!
Queuing for Tickets 14

getting closer!
Queuing for Tickets 12

got ’em!
Queuing for Tickets 21


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