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{November 16, 2009}   weekend getaway in bangkok

Bangkok Musings 8 Bangkok Musings 9 Bangkok Musings 7

i’ve heard so much hype about bangkok and have always been curious about it and the infamous jatu jah market that sells everything and anything. needless to say i was thrilled to be able to go on a highly subsidised weekend getaway to bangkok organised by the company i work for. it was a staff retreat where free & easy was the agenda.

shopping was the agenda for most people. many arrived at changi at 5am with near empty luggage all pumped to hit the road shopping. i’m not one who is big on shopping but i did get my bags-and-earrings-fix. my main objective was to take photos and roam around the city.

that wasn’t difficult to do as my hotel accommodation was connected to a mall that connects to other malls via overhead bridges and other platforms.

my two favorite food items in the trip are thai iced tea and the breakfast buffet at pathumwan princess hotel, if you consider a buffet as a food item. serendipitously i bumped into ml, a secondary school classmate, at breakfast. she was also staying at pathumwan princess. singaporeans are everywhere.

i doubt i will frequent bangkok, i would like to check out the other holiday destinations in thailand though.

Jatu Jah Market 36 Jatu Jah Market 33 Jatu Jah Market 29

the ultimate puppy-dog-eyes. dog sold as pet at jatu jah market.
Jatu Jah Market 16

product placement. check out the huge tiger beer signage. it was a tiger beer lounge.

Malls Central World 14

killer traffic in bangkok. it is faster walking.

Bangkok Traffic 2

nua-ing in the hotel. we have a view of the city from the bath tub.

Pathumwan Princess Room 5


paperpen says:

the picture of the road depicts more than just bangkok, btw. could’ve easily been re-labelled “jakarta”. whee.

Bangkok is good for shopping – a whole range of items available at the markets. There is a night market with something like a carnival and a huge ferris wheel, is it still there?

If shopping and traffic are not really your things, try other places like Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi (three hrs drive north off Bangkok) and perhaps other beach destinations like Hua Hin, and the islands. We loved Phangan cos there was a herbal sauna ran by some monks. The full moon party was only so-so: huge bunch of tourists getting drunk on cheap liquor and pissing in to the sea…

[…] in bali with dt in june was such a blast – my first white water rafting experience. 3 days in bangkok in november with the new colleagues was fun and cheap – my first time visiting the famed […]

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