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{December 31, 2009}   2009 – Phenomenal & Monumental

i’m being very conscious about how i spend today – not that i’m being very wise about my time or involved with anything productive in particular, but i’m simply being aware that in another half a day i will not longer be in 2009.

perhaps all measure of time is arbitrary as history has proven. according to an older version of the roman calender, there were only 10 months in a year starting with march (the beginning of a new agricultural season) and ending in december to mark spring following on to summer and autumm. that is why september, october, november, december is indicative of the numerals 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively. 61 days of winter were unaccounted for in the calender. i can imagine the romans then numbering the winter days as winter day 1, winter day 2, winter day 3, etc. to align the calender according to lunar patterns, Roman King Numa Pompilius added the months of january and february at the end of the calender year creating 12 months in a year.

the start and end of the current calender year is significant for me not just because of the holidays and partying hype but because my profession and my years as a student before that begins with a fresh start in january and concludes in december. having my vacation times all preordained for me further regulates the rhythms of my life.

2009 has seen my lowest lows and my highest highs. 2009 has been phenomenal and monumental.

a lot of it has got to do with the change in job, the fact that my family dynamics changed for the better forever when the geek became part of it and finally because i’ve clocked air miles in a year like never before.

things got so bad with my previous employment that i plummeted into depression. this includes burnt out within burnt out, working weekends upon weekend, working 12-14 intensive hours a day, breaking down from sheer exhaustion and pressure, falling ill, developing rashes, getting nightmares about work and crying myself awake at 4am because there is no time and space to process the harrowing grief accumulated each day and sleeping on it only means having the anguish manifest itself into my dreams, and then being told that its never good enough.

those dark days are over thanks to the timely divine intervention of a job opportunity in another organisation. in the middle of the year, i was notified of the interview on a monday, attended it on tuesday, was told of the acceptance on wednesday and submitted resignation on thursday.

sweet release.

it has been a bliss since then. moral of the story? the grass is in fact greener on the other side. when you find yourself in a situation that brings only misery, plan your exit strategy. do not believe those who tell you that it is the same everywhere else because it is not. my departure prompted others to also find ways out of the concentration camp. i’m so thrilled that pl has made it to the other side with me. i’m also honored to be a impetus for dr’s application for transfer. dt, hang in there, you’ll be released soon too.

within this year, i managed to visit 4 holiday destinations. 3 days in lombok with the geek in march was relaxing – we had a villa at high altitude to ourselves. 5 days in bali with dt in june was such a blast – my first white water rafting experience. 3 days in bangkok in november with the new colleagues was fun and cheap – my first time visiting the famed markets. and the year concluded with 3 full weeks in the west coast of the states which was nothing short of exhilarating – i enjoyed free accommodation and the best hospitality there was.

i’m more familiar with the workings at the new oganisation and i’m given more responsibility and even newer staff to guide along in 2010. i’ve not planned for any holidays for the new year yet, but i’m pretty sure it will happen and the geek and i are cruising along rather blissfully with a growing stash of savings. with most things fallen into place and work life balance restored, i can finally turn my attention to health and fitness. time to work it!

happy new year one and all. have a blessed time ahead. the journey has just begun.


ser says:

🙂 really great to hear!

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