death by paper cut

{January 14, 2010}   i never thought i’ll ever

be a “jie mei” at a friend’s wedding.

i wasn’t even actively a “jie mei” at my sister wedding. i merely watched with passing interest while her “jie mei tuan” harassed my bro-in-law and his company of “brothers”. i always felt it pointless and so very cina – an unnecessary expenditure on money and energy. i’ve always told myself that i’ll never put my future husband through the agongy. and i still stand by that.

today while my girls from the previous workplace discussed wedding plans, PL asked us if we could be part of her jie mei party. to that i said, “it would be interesting to observe”. i don’t think i’ll never get a chance to be on the inside of such a custom, so i’ll shall report live on location come september – day to remember.

(via sms)

me: i have something shocking to tell you. i’m going to be PL’s jie mei group at her wedding.



Voncile says:

Ich war viele Male im Weltall, aber Gott habe ich nie gesehen. Der Chirurg anertwott: Ich habe schon viele Male Menschen am offenen Gehirn operiert, aber ich habe nie einen einzigen Gedanken gesehen.

I’ve had my book on pre-order for quite a while. There are so many reasons…a possibility of seeing my photos in print and checking off an item on my bucket list…a desire to travel vicariously through other glamping Sisters…to snitch ideas for my Coffee Cup…to be able to pick it up and thumb through the pages when I need a bit of a pick-me-up and something to inspire my gypsy soul! Woohoo…can’t wait!!

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