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{January 31, 2010}   The Handburger and Once Upon A Milkshake

had dinner out with friends last thursday at the handburger, raffles city shopping centre. i had a reuben burger the first time i was there, didn’t think too much of it but the stuffed portabello i had on this second visit left a much better impression. the portabello is of a good size and the crusted spanish stuffing on top tasted wholesome and heartily delicious. the fries by the side are also very good.

Handburger 6

the geek had the works burger which had everything, nicely piled up.

Handburger 3

the lemon mint crush is worth mentioning too. it is sufficiently sweet but also has a tangy after taste served up in a margarita glass.

Handburger 7

dessert was a short drive away at maxwell chambers near tanjong pagar mrt station at a nice little outlet called once upon a milkshake. all the 8 flavors are available as both ice cream and milk shake. i like the option of a mini sized milkshake that costs only $3.30. i had the chocolate truffle castle mini milk shake and a taste of the spooky mocha and nutter peanut butter ice cream, also very good. the milk shakes are thick and not overly sweet. the ice creams are smooth, not too milky and bursting with flavor.

Once Upon A Milkshake 15

Once Upon A Milkshake 13

Once Upon A Milkshake 5

the purple and white themed decor is very tastefully done, making a small space feel both spacious and cozy.

Once Upon A Milkshake


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