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{February 13, 2010}   Menya Manpei at Ebisboshi Shotengai

ebisboshi shotengai is the umbrella restaurant on the 4th level of iluma divided into three sections. the section we ate at was menya manpei. this was my 3rd time there and i have not been disappointed. ordering is an interesting procedure. you use pens that looks like the squiggle wriggle writer (san vibration – omg i had one as a kid and i never thought of it that way till now) and choose dishes from the menu by tapping on it. the pen reads out your order and you get prompted through the rest of the steps. the staff at menya manpei were very quick at confirming our orders by generating a confirmation slip. the orders came rather quicky too.

Ebisboshi Shotengai - Menya Manpei (ILLUMA) 7

Ebisboshi Shotengai - Menya Manpei (ILLUMA) 5

the geek and i shared a plate of gyoza, salmon sashimi and a chicken katsu. it wasn’t bad at all. the gozya was crispy on the outside and filled with moist meat on the inside. the salmon was rather fresh and the chicken katsu was coated with crumbly bread batter that was crispy without being oily. what i also enjoyed was the free refills of brewed green tea- not simply an addition of hot water to tea leaves after it becomes tasteless.

Ebisboshi Shotengai - Menya Manpei (ILLUMA) 12

Ebisboshi Shotengai - Menya Manpei (ILLUMA) 10

since i don’t drink much, i don’t know about alcholic beverages, but the geek said that SGD10 for a 600ml bottle of sapporo is cheap. the rest of the dishes on the menu are also reasonably priced. menya manpei is worth frequenting.


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