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{February 14, 2010}   CNY 2010 Day 1 – Receiving visitors 2 and 4 legged

the best thing about cny this year is the long weekend – 4.5 days if you include the later half of friday till tuesday. some novel things happened this year. i attended reunion dinner at the geek’s side. his non-chinese relatives arranged for a get together over steamboat, cny snacks and mandarin oranges. i even received red packets! woot! it has been a long time since i had steam boat. most reunion dinners are low key events at home with the immediate family with food partly home cooked and partly bought back.

the visiting this morning wasn’t a painful as i thought it would be. i prepared myself for a miserable time. when the relatives came by, i fulfilled my obligatory cny greeting and kept myself on the move traversing between the kitchen and my room so i will not be cornered by uncomfortable mindless banter. that seemed to work, also i noticed that the aunties and uncles were not as nosy as they used to be – which was a pleasant surprise.

the visitors that took the limelight this time were not the kids but the four legged pets who were dressed more festively than i was.

2010 CNY 5

2010 CNY 2


paperpen says:

one word for the canines: awwwwwww. ^^

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