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{March 27, 2010}   Menya Shinchan & Orihara

i spent the past two nights at robertson quay having japanese cuisine. thursday night was with the geek at toritama – a place with the best and most authentic yakitori in singapore. the yakitori at toritama serves most parts of the chicken, especially the innards, all prepared very well and grilled to perfection. we sat the counter and watched the chefs hard at work.

coincidentally, we met d there who gave us a shout of special chicken heart and additional japanese beer for the geek. it was a surreal moment as if staged for a movie or sitcom. special chicken heart needs to be reserved because its usually in short supply – it takes a few hearts of chicken to string together the special chicken heart yakitori. d however managed to ask the staff at torimata to get us the last two sticks of special chicken heart. thanks d!

friday night was with a larger group. i enjoyed both nights but i have photos of only friday because i had my camera with me then.

dinner was at menya shinchan. its located at a small alleyway opposite harry’s. its a small japanese eatery that specialises in ramen. the ramen broth is thick and savory. we each had the madame shinjiro with came with a large pile of cooked vegetables laid atop the ramen. the char sui is amazing! i finished all the soup and ramen and most of the vegetables till i got bored of the greens.

i’ll come back again for ramen and perhaps order something with less vegetables.

Menya Shinchan

we proceeded on for drink at orihara liquor shop which is actually the bar extension of toritama. orihara has standing space only. the 6 of us gathered around a small table at a cozy corner of the liquor shop.

Orihara 3 Orihara 1

the three places i visited; toritama, orihara and menya shinchan were packed with japanese expats. i’ve never been to japan, but i would imagine it to be something like this.


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