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{March 29, 2010}   A Walk at Macritche Reservoir Park

on saturday afternoon, p, m and i did the 11km walking route at macritche. we stared at 4.30pm so there wasn’t time to visit the hsbc tree top walk which closes at 4.45pm.

the last time i visited the park was before the renovation of the carpark and entrance even began. there is now a multi-story carpark of sort to the left of the entrance and the original gravel carpark is now turned into a landscape garden. there is also now full shower facilities and information boards about the flora and fauna of the park. and a cafe for refreshments.

the walk ventured into the beaten dirt path before continuing on the boardwalks. i love boardwalks. the ones at macritche do not have railings which made the walk even more scenic.

Macritchie Reservoir Park 14

Macritchie Reservoir Park 19

somewhere in the middle of the walk, the path leads to the edge of singapore island country club. the manicures greens are such a stark contrast to the dirt track just next to it. several golfers were putting away. one golfer came down to the edge of the water body to putt.

in this photo, even the sky seams to be divided by the two different worlds.

Macritchie Reservoir Park 23

Macritchie Reservoir Park 34

we emerged from the dirt track and found our way back to the macritche reservoir park 2.5 hours later and into the glorious sunset. it was such a rare day in that the skies were blue, the temperature was comfortable, humidity felt lower and it was breezy all afternoon. i haven’t had a walk so enjoyable since my bush walking days in australia.

Macritchie Reservoir Park 66

Macritchie Reservoir Park 70

Macritchie Reservoir Park 78

also enjoying the sunset were the many monkeys of macritche.

Macritchie Reservoir Park 61

maybe they found the ambiance so romantic, they had to copulate infront of me.

Macritchie Reservoir Park 52 Macritchie Reservoir Park 47


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