death by paper cut

{May 2, 2010}   Mooty

i believe that the more you remember of your childhood, the more quantifiable childhood you actually had. childhood is not simply a phrase in life, but the whole-hearted belief in the magical interaction between the fantastical and reality. the movies and literature that i came into contact with in the 1980s made up fragments of this magical interaction that i’ve always been trying to recollect.

the recollection began with the acquisition of digitally remastered 1980s films such as the goonies, the dark crystal, the rats of nimh, labyrinth, the flight of dragons, batteries not included, the breakfast club, and the like.

about a week ago, i found a rare find that i can add to my (re)collection – the complete ADVENTURES OF MOOTY written by Jessie Wee. the last time i had the full set was more than 20 years ago. for the past 2 decades i would fondly recall the nostalgia of the series and wished my mom hadn’t given away the books.

no matter. i have the complete set now from kinokuniya. what’s fun now is to seek out others who remember Mooty as well. did you read mooty?

The Adventures of Mooty 1

The Adventures of Mooty 9

The Adventures of Mooty 22


Debbie says:

OHHHHHH I REMEMBER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steelwool says:

Yes! Yes, and now its mine, all mine!!! Muahahahah!

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