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{June 27, 2010}   Perth and WA – Perth’s Suburbs

we are not big on shopping malls or being in the city centre for the sake of it. this is especially so for perth where there is  a scarcity of parking lots that are so very expensive -more scarce and more expensive than in melbourne. the only place in the city we wanted to visit is the kathmandu shop at hay street and habour town outlet mall. habour town has its own multi-story parking so that’s fine.

i managed to pick up a few nice items and we left within the hour. what we did see other than clothes was a bunch of tanjong katong primary girls doing their share of shopping. (they were identifiable in their netball jacket).

i really liked fremantle. it is much bigger and more happening than i remembered it, maybe there has been more development over the years or maybe i didn’t spend much time there on my previous visit. the feature draw of fremantle is the fremantle market. it has an eclectic range of things from food to music to environment friendly products, and lot of people. i bought an onya stainless steel water botttle and eco-friendly bags that can be squished into a small ball when unused. there is a noticeable hippy-zen atmosphere to this colourful place.

Fremantle Market 4 Fremantle Market 28 Fremantle Market 8

Fremantle Market 26

it was also at fremantle that we had our fix of the all day australian breakfast with the works, and of course coffee. it can almost rival the breakfasts in melbourne, almost. the poached eggs that i had at hush espresso could have been a little more runny and the bacon that the geek had was a tad too salty. but overall, it was still pretty good and fresh and very delicious for photos.

Hush Expresso, Fremantle 7

Hush Expresso, Fremantle 10

little creatures brewery has a very happening vibe. it has a huge sitting capacity, and very high ceilings to house the microbrewery together with the eating area. we sat at the alfresco area next to the habour and shared a large plate of nachos. i would have loved to try the other stuff on the menu but the nachos itself was very filling and we had a dinner (scroll down) waiting for us at my aunt’s place. little creatures is crazy crowded on weekends, we had to go back on monday for a seat.

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle 25 Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle 22

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle 11 Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle 21

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle 33

we love parks, so for a walk in the park, we joined the free guided tour at king’s park which we were just in time for. it was two hours long. the volunteer guides were so knowledgeable and passionate about the flora of western australia that it was infectious. i did learn some new and interesting things about plants. the most fascinating plant ever is the crotalaria cunninghamii, also known as green bird flower because it really looks like a green bird of an origami fashion.

King's Park 108

a scenic advantage that kings’ park has over many other botanic gardens is that it is situation on the top of a hill that overlooks the swan river. we had a very good view of this juxtaposition from the lottery west federation walkway.

King's Park 72

King's Park 79

King's Park 15 King's Park 31 King's Park 49

river and beach side walks did not end at our departure from king’s park. a good thing with staying with people in the suburbs is that you get to have a first hand experience of the neighbourhood. my aunt lives in a very nice suburb called applecross. melville beach pretty much skirts the suburb making it a prime land for beach side houses. my aunt’s house does not face the beach, but is only a short walk to it. she walks jessie, her border collie, twice a day and often to the beach. we were invited to join her on some of these lovely walks.

Applecross Walks 3

Applecross Walks 23

Applecross Walks 16

Applecross Walks 45

Applecross Walks 11 Applecross Walks 21 Applecross Walks 31

applecross has its own village area stocked with a gourmet grocery store no less and lined with cafes and middle to high end restaurants. we took my aunt out for dinner at jacs at this village and bought freshly baked bread for breakfast.

Applecross Walks 37 Applecross Walks 38

Aunt Teresa's House at Tweeddale 16

an aspect of this holiday (other than the availability of lemon lime & bitter) that i really enjoyed was the balance between sightseeing on the move from point to point and the opportunity to have pockets of free time for roaming around or kicking back. once night falls at 5pm, we would look for or prepare dinner and then keep in doors. the geek even managed to catch quite a few games at night thanks to free to air world cup coverage in australia and my aunt’s hospitality that often came with the company of jessie.

this is one example of the amazing meals that my aunt prepared for us. enjoy!

Home Cooked Dinner 9

Home Cooked Dinner 15


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