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{July 4, 2010}   Bukit Timah’s Best Kept Secrets: Papa Palheta and Swiss Grill

i visited what i call “bukit timah’s best kept secrets” yesterday. after watching a movie at iluma,  i made my way to papa palheta for the most amazing coffee in singapore. i heard rave reviews about ppp from friends who know coffee, so the bar for this place was raised high.

the location and set up of ppp really intrigued me. the entrance to the place at hooper road along bukit timah that looks like the back door is in fact the front door.

Papa Palheta 5

Papa Palheta 6

step inside and a whole new world opens up.

Papa Palheta 2

Papa Palheta 14

sitting is limited, so don’t expect to accommodate huge groups. this place is perfect for an intimate gathering for small groups of friends to savor coffee over a catch up or a tête-à-tête. i absolutely love the vintage lived-in feel of the place that is achieved with well selected items that ooze nostalgia.

take for example the typewriter, the blaupunkt radio that actually works and the retro bars stools (that can be purchased).

Papa Palheta 7

Papa Palheta 8

Papa Palheta 18

ordering the coffee proper opened options i never knew existed. first of all, the wide choice of beans and then the way it is prepared; siphoned, drip, etc. to help me along with my coffee education are hand outs that can also be downloaded from their website on the coffee tab.

Papa Palheta 31 Papa Palheta 33 Papa Palheta 30

Papa Palheta 15

the most original and boldest move that ppp has done is to not list the prices of the coffee, but invites you to drop your money into a jar with a recommendation of $3.50 a cup. and of course i did with tip.

Papa Palheta 39

i really do hope ppp survives and thrives. do patronise.

after coffee, i made my way to swiss grill a little further down bukit timah. the 10 minute bus ride took three times as long due to a road block at 6th avenue caused by a sawing off of an overhead bridge. swiss grill is another place with limited seating capacity, and the interesting arrangement is the indoor setting of tables and chairs in their “supermarket”.

i shared some sausages and i had the portobello burger for myself. the meat patties are so fresh and juicy and the cheese rich and melted just the right way. at the moment, my favorite burgers are from swiss grill. with a price range of $13 – $15 for a gourmet burger of high quality ingredients, this place is hard to top.

Swiss Grill 2

notice the chairs and tables.

Swiss Grill 7

Swiss Grill 8


ser says:

oooo im so glad u finally went to ppp!

AND OMG SWISS GRILL LOOKS SOOO GOOOD. how come i never noticed this in bt timah??? 🙂 thanks for sharing! it definitely looks much much better than relish or botak jones.

ser says:

im amazed how detailed u are with the pics at ppp! well done 😀

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