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{August 10, 2010}   Mimaland, Malaysia

a malaysian cousin of mine posted an old photo of me, my sister and herself at an amusement park. my sister commented that the location is mimaland in malaysia. mystery solved. i have a few photos of that amusement park myself by cannot put a location to it, till now.

my cousin’s upload
Mimaland Malaysia

my other photos
Holiday in Malaysia

the flotation device does not look very reliable.

Holiday in Malaysia (1)

Mom & I

my sister just confirmed that we took the KTM train there and back. i was 3 or 4 years old then. I didn’t remember much of the trip, but i can remember the long journey and the hard wooden chairs that caused so much discomfort. so i wasn’t dreaming, i really did experience the KTM train now discontinued at Tanjong Pagar.

mimaland on wikipedia:

mimaland was a famous recreation park in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. It was opened on 1975. It ceased operation in 1993 due to a dangerous landslide.

Mimaland recreation park used to be a popular premier outing destination for families in the Klang Valley. After it was closed, many people had hoped that it would be renovated and reopened as the place was a convenient site for picnics, being not too far from the city and yet having a raw natural environment, with plenty of trees and plants and a lake for swimming, fishing and boating.

However, according to the landowner, Magnum Corporation Bhd spokesman Cheah Ho Wee Hock, there is no plan to redevelop the recreation park in the near future and the land is being kept for the purpose of investment, and it will be sold when the right price is offered. Until then, the land would be left idle.

As at now, Mimaland recreation park which is about 25 km from Kuala Lumpur, along the old Gombak-Bentong road, is undergoing a natural destruction process after left without maintenance since its closure in 1993. A road leading to the park is covered with grass and undergrowth and also damaged.

Barricade in the form of hoarding have been placed at the entrance where the remnant of the office structure can be seen from a distance.

A solitary security guard was stationed bear the entrance to prevent trespassing and encroachment by unauthorised people.

It is also learnt that two security personnel are assigned round-the-clock duty to prevent unauthorised people and vehicles from entering.

The Mimaland was opened in 1975 and ceased operation about 15 years ago following some unresolved plans for expansion.

The natural setting of the park makes it a very ideal natural holiday resort. It is certainly regrettable that such a beautiful natural recreation park should be left in such a dismal and dreadful condition.

mimaland now a ghost town, article by the star.


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