death by paper cut

{August 21, 2010}   who will live longer, this bag or me?

who will love longer, this bag or me?” is the question that timbuk2 poses in the tag that comes with my commute slim. it continues with the audacity, “chances are it’s the bag. no one’s calling you a wimp, but we build these bags with bombproof ballistic nylon and the durability of a timbuk2 bag is legendary. what you wouldn’t find in this bag is a pvc liner. we’re using a few other materials that are just as strong and waterproof and don’t kick mother nature in the ‘nads.

i love it already.

just before walking into epicentre at wheelock, i did say to the geek that i’m on the lookout for a messenger bag. i’m glad i said that before i laid my hands on the timbuk2 commute slim because it absolves me from impulse buying.

timbuk2 commute slim

it has both form and function. the intuitive design fulfills everything i need in a messenger bag. sufficient space for my macbook, additional volume for other items as large, lots of compartments, stash away spaces for my ipod that is separate from the main compartment.

there was no price tag on it. the slightly larger sized model is priced at SGD168. i bench marked my price point beneath that value in case you know, the smaller the more expensive it is. the sales staff at epicentre got back to me with the price of SGD119! that’s a very good price for a timbuk2! the next step was guiltless no brainer.

and i’m glad i made the purchase because this model is no longer in production. according to the timbuk2 website, this model is no longer available because it has upgraded to commute 2.0.

i still prefer this because the front flap noiselessly opens and closes with strong magnets rather than with velcro or clips. also, access to the laptop and larger items is separate from the front flap which makes for easy retrieval with the top opening zip.

timbuk2 commute slim 5

timbuk2 commute slim 6

timbuk2 commute slim 7

timbuk2 commute slim 8

like what it says, “just open up the bag already.”


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