death by paper cut

{September 1, 2010}   Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day at SOTA 11

over and above the gifts, cards and well wishes from students, what teachers treasure most is the scheduled holiday because the the most cherished gift to teachers is some time for rest.

that is not to say that i do not appreciate the gifts that the kids piled onto my arms full of presents and cards. i’m glad that most of the gifts are handmade.

Teacher's Day at SOTA 8

since i had a buffet of presents to savor, i had to be strategic in its consumption. the first to go are the perishable (and often homebaked) muffins and cookies because they will not last long. after which, i slowly read each card before filing them up in clear folder. (yes, neat freak am i) and finally i packed the things on my desk to accommodate new additions to my arsenal of stationery.

Teacher's Day at SOTA 10

these are some sweet notes from the kids

the card is homemade.

you gave me rooms for improvement.

you are so organised and neat. It’s so cool!

your passion for literature has also influenced me to excel in Literature too.

Thank you for helping me punch holes into all the worksheets you give. I really appreciate that.

The Clay Marble and Love That Dog are so interesting. Please let the future ones use these. Especially The Clay Marble. It made me cry.


ser says:

i used to read The Clay Marble and loveloveloveloved it!! it was my favourite book during my youngeryears 😀

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