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{September 7, 2010}   Karaoke, Jurong Hill & A Hen Party

yesterday, we celebrated pl’s hen party with an intimate time of ktv, dinner and  dessert at holland village. our objective was good quality time, and nothing outrageous.

the star of day is actually quite a good singer and well versed in chinese songs. many times during the session i couldn’t tell if i was listening to her voice or to the recording – we could toggle with the minus one option.

it was my first time at a k box outlet. we were ushered into a private small room along the corridor and served the standard table snacks. the snacks are not free flow though; 2 persons to 1 small bowl. the drink list, even non-alcoholic beverages, is pricey. at least our cover change comes with 1 drink. with a k box membership (one time fee of $10), each patron pays only $8 for the booked session.

i was intimidated by the the touch screen song selection menu when i saw the girls searching the data base by writing chinese characters! traumatic flash backs of mandarin classes!

K Box Jurong Safra 10

there was an english playlist, but the range is quite limited. there wasn’t even journey’s dont’ stop believing!

I can’t stop believing it!

the cheesy pseudo mtv backdrop of the songs never fail to bemuse me. i wonder if there is a proper job description of people who do this professionally – ktv actors? they have to come from somewhere.

K Box Jurong Safra 30

i was totally amused by a scene of what looks like a woman mauling a man in a boat.

K Box Jurong Safra 27

i couldn’t leave it alone and imagined a more fitting song for this scene. with some picasa and skitch magic, this was the result. apparently, skitch has some uncanny ktv fonts.

Imagined Ne-Yo's Bite You on Karaoke

all in all, it was an interesting experience with lovely company and most importantly, our star of the day had a great time.

K Box Jurong Safra

we proceeded to jurong hill-top restaurant for dinner. it is further up the road after the jurong bird park entrance. i never knew i could go this far west and still find civilisation. jurong hill-top restaurant is stuck in the 70s. the deco, interior and building itself has an aged feel to the place, because it simply is. i can imagine the restaurant at the end of the universe to look something like it. there is a look out point at the top of jurong hill and from the restaurant, but the view of jurong port is quite dismal. so it is better to focus on what the inside of the restaurant has to offer.

Jurong Hill Restaurant 1

Jurong Hill Restaurant 2

jurong hill-top restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisine. there is a western menu, korean, indonesian and japanese and japanese teppanyaki menu.

Jurong Hill Restaurant 4 Jurong Hill Restaurant 3

we ordered mostly from the japanese menu and a tauhu telor.

Jurong Hill Restaurant

my favorite are the teppanyaki unagi and soft shell crab tempura. the sashimi is quite fresh too. for its price range, the food is of a decent quality. the total cost come up about $25 a person after sharing among four. we had a rather early dinner on a weekday, so the place was quite empty. on the weekend however, it is not uncommon to be turned away because of a large crowd in line. this place is popular with families, who probably live in the area.

the day was rounded off with cakes from coffee bean at holland village where i had myself my fav moroccan tea latte.

Coffee Bean Cakes 2 Coffee Bean Cakes 1


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