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{September 18, 2010}   go fly kite

in recent times, kite flying has come back in vogue. i believe that the kite festival organised by act 3 and ntuc income has something to do with it. i think it’s great that people have responded and turned up by the throngs for the event firstly because this is a popular past time that took place in the same vicinity a decade ago before the massive construction of the area and secondly, singaporeans should spend more time outdoors, especially family time.

i didn’t try my hand at kite flying last week. my objectives were to take photos and check out the newly developed land. thankfully, the weather was favorable. check out the blue marbled sky.

the sky was littered with kites big and small. many were successful in taking flight and even more simply had fun trying to gain lift by randomly flapping the kites around in crowded areas, which i find highly amusing. i had to keep a look out for low “flying” kites and duck for cover.

Singapore Kite Festival 8 Singapore Kite Festival 19 Singapore Kite Festival 10

Singapore Kite Festival 31

Singapore Kite Festival 4

Singapore Kite Festival 69

Singapore Kite Festival 61

Singapore Kite Festival 62

Singapore Kite Festival 82

the marina bay promontory links to marina bay sands by a broad walkway punctuated with sculptures and some sheltered rest points. that area was crowded with people mainly because there was a long and patient queue for a goody bag and also because buskers and street performers were stationed at intervals to entertain the crowd, especially the kids.

Singapore Kite Festival 92 Singapore Kite Festival 89
Singapore Kite Festival 100 Singapore Kite Festival 97

to liven up the already bustling atmosphere for twenty thousand people, there were performances by live bands. one of the bands were called “The High Flyers.” That’s either corny, or apt, or both.

while i was having a high time (geddit, geddit?) with big, bright colourful kites at marina bay sands, the geek was on the other side of the island also preoccupied with kites but of a different nature.

he was participating at the international coastal clean up at pulau ubin and helped to hoist siva up a tree to bring down a kite. in natural habitats, kites ensnare birds and often leave them strangled. to prevent another bird from being part of the statistic, siva precariously climb a tree to toss it down.

see victims of entangled kites and read siva’s account here.

so yes, enjoy kite flying, responsibly.

Singapore Kite Festival 54 Singapore Kite Festival 57


meow says:

harlows, been a while since i checked out your blog! we were at the kite festival too, on sunday evening. it was really crowded, and chris and davin decided they had enough after abt 20 min.

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